Ink my web

Started in Dec 2011

Ink my web helps you TH!nk how you will use the web for your brand. We bring our digital experience and skills to push your brand’s message, beyond just a website or popular social media.

We are a full service Digital agency

We offer services in Online Media Consultancy, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Blog development and much more.

Alexander Gounder

Alex is the founder of Ink my web, Which he started soon after his role of head of the online retail division at (India’s top video game store, then). Prior to that he worked for/with various brands like, Zapak, HUL and the likes.

Having worked on both the agency side as well as the client side and understood the frustration of the marketing team. As Agencies who were tech savy lacked marketing knowledge and ad/marketing agencies lacked the latest tech knowledge; that’s where the idea for Ink my web came from, to use the latest in digital media to achieve your marketing goals.

Alex is an Open Source enthusiast, Mozilla Firefox & WordPress being his favorite projects. He has been a WordCamp Organiser, Speaker & now WordPress Core Contributor.